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New Zealand Student Visa Guide


International students coming to New Zealand to study for more than three months will need to apply for a student visa.

There are three main visas available for you, depending on the type and the duration of the course while studying in New Zealand.

Type of Student VisaLength of StayNo. of Course can StudyVisa Fees
Fee Paying Student VisaUp to 4 yearsSingle courseNZ $330
Pathway Student VisaUp to 5 yearsUp to 3 consecutive coursesNZ $295

Key Requirements

Genuine Intention

The student visa applicant must show their genuine intention to stay in New Zealand temporarily for the purpose of study.

The visa decision-maker will consider the visa applicant’s family ties and personal, financial, work or other commitment in your home country or New Zealand. And the visa applicant’s previous immigration history.

Documents to support you are a genuine visitor:

  • Current and previous passports showing your photo page, it should include all pages contain the entry and exit stamps and the visa records.
  • A letter from your current education provider prove that you are an enrolled student.
Offer of Place

An offer of place letter issued from your education provider which is a New Zealand Qualifications Authority approved institution.

For pathway student visa applicants, you should provide a separate offer of place from each education providers.

Financial Evidence

The student visa applicant must show proof that they have sufficient funds to support their accommodation and study costs in New Zealand. The amount of sufficient funds should cover below three parts:

  • Tuition fee: The money to support your first year of study (or first course if it is less than 1 year) must be readily available.
  • Living expenses: The suggested amount of living expenses suggested by the New Zealand government is NZ $15,000 for a full year or NZ $1,250 per month.
  • Outward travel: The sufficient funds to purchase return air ticket leave New Zealand when your studies are complete (this can be replaced by the copies of airline tickets).

The types of financial documents that can use as proof of sufficient funds including: bank statements, official loan letters, or financial guarantee or scholarship letter.

Other Requirements

Health Insurance

You are required to have health and travel insurance to cover your study length in New Zealand as a student visa applicant. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) student is exempt from this requirement.  

Proof of Good Character

For an international student who ages 17 or above and planning to study in New Zealand for over 24 months, they need to provide a police certificate to show that they are a good character.

This requirement generally means that the student visa applicant should have no criminal convictions.

Health Requirements

The New Zealand immigration department required student visa applicant have an ‘acceptable standard of health”. To prove that, you will need to provide a medical examination report and chest x-ray certificate.

Proof of Accommodation arrangement (for under 18 students)

The New Zealand immigration department required student visa applicant have an ‘acceptable standard of health”. To prove that, you will need to provide a medical examination report and chest x-ray certificate.


New Zealand Student Visa Checklist

Frequently Asked Question

Can visitor visa holder study in New Zealand?

New Zealand visitor visa holder can study can study for a maximum 3 months time.

New Zealand student visa processing time

The processing time for the New Zealand student visa is four weeks (approximately 20 working days). It might take up to three months if the application during the busy period.

How much does a New Zealand student visa cost?

How can I apply for New Zealand student visa?


Can foreign student work in New Zealand?

The foreign student who holds a valid student visa may work part-time during school term, and full-time during some holiday period.

How many hours student can work in New Zealand?

The student visa holder may work up to 20 hours per week during the school term and work full-time during the Christmas and New Year holiday period.
There are various conditions about work part-time on student visa, and full details can be found here.

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