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Singapore: Study in a Global City

Global City

There are many superiorities of study in a global city. You can expand your international social network and make lifelong friends.

The Superiorities of Studying in a Global City

Expand of social for a globalised, multicultural world

Studying in Singapore will help you expand your network of friends and build a global social circle. You can join the university’s alumni association after you graduate. So wherever you reside in, you can still join networking events to benefit your future life.

You’ll have a lot of fun

Singapore is a very safe country and also low crime rates. It is a city that has lots of attractions and entertainment facilities. With the affordable and super convenient public transport system, you can spend your free time exploring around the island.

What is international student say about Singapore

“Singapore is the hub of academic excellence and also a global business hub in Southeast Asia. Study in Singapore let me build relationship and bridges with students from other countries. This can be extremely helpful for my future to work in a globalised and multicultural world.”
Charles Lee – Accounting student from the Republic of Korea


City of the Future: Singapore | National Geographic

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