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Study In The UK After 10th Or 11th For Indian Student

Study in the UK after 10th or 11th
Study in the UK after 10th or 11th

Study in the UK for higher education is popular among Indian high school graduates, many 10th and 11th students do not realize that they have the same opportunities offered to them as the 12th students.

How to study in the UK after 10th or 11th

Many world top universities now are offering pathway programmes to bringing students to their main courses. The foundation year is designed specifically for international students and ensure them academically ready to take their undergraduate level courses in the UK.

By taking a foundation year, instead of continuing your high school studies for 12th year, you can actually attend your 12th at your future university in the UK.

Study in University After 10th or 11th
Study in University After 10th or 11th

Why you should study in the UK after 10th or 11th

Study in the UK after 10th or 11th, and spending a foundation year at your future university, it also gives students all the necessary preparation for their undergraduate level studies.

The foundation year includes the dedicated English language classes, study skills and the introduction of your degree programme. It will help students to:

  • Develop the study skill to get used to university-style teaching
  • Better the English language proficiency
  • Understand your field of study before progressing to a full degree programme
  • Prepare the academic skills for the undergraduate level studies
  • Integrated into university life from day one

Requirements for study in the UK after 10th or 11th

Universities set the entry requirements for each course to ensure that students have the right skills and knowledge to complete the course they enrolled successfully. Admission entry requirements vary widely depending on the subject, the specific course, and also the individual university. The UK university admission entry requirements are group by two critical sections:

English Language Proficiency: You must have the TOEFL/IELTS result as proof for your English language proficiency. A typical English Language requirement is IELTS 5.5 or above.

Academic Qualification and Grade: A typical academic requirements for Indian students are: All India or State Board Secondary School Certificate 10th or 11th completion and grade is average 65% or above. This requirement is can be different depending on the universities and the courses you choose.

University option for studying in the UK after 10th and 11th

University option for after 10th

Name of UniversityQS 2020 World University Ranking (Worldwide Ranking)The Good University Guide 2020 UK University Ranking (Regional Ranking)Accept 10th and above Graduates
Birmingham City University801-100096Yes
University of Hertfordshire751-80088Yes
Robert Gordon University801-100083Yes
University of Portsmouth601-65056Yes
University of Leicester23941Yes
Brunel University London359100Yes
Swansea University46231Yes
University of Plymouth651-70076Yes
Coventry University531-54050Yes
University of Huddersfield701-75061Yes
Kingston University, London591-600106Yes
Liverpool John Moores University800-100078Yes

University option for after 11th

Name of UniversityQS 2020 World University Ranking (Worldwide Ranking)The Good University Guide 2020 UK University Ranking (Regional Ranking)Accept 11th and above Graduates
Durham University787Yes
Lancaster University1288Yes
Leeds University9313Yes
Royal Holloway, University of London29119Yes
University of Strathclyde29636Yes
University of Surrey27432Yes
University of Sussex24638Yes

Studying in the UK after 10th or  11th examination is an excellent way for you to enter your dream university. Having an exclusive year in your future university will better prepare you for your coming undergraduate studies.

27 thoughts on “Study In The UK After 10th Or 11th For Indian Student”

  1. In 2018 I have completed my 10th from india Telangana state,Hyderabad.

    I want to know options of applying and going on student visa without IELTS exam

    1. To apply for UK Study Visa also known as the Tier 4 (General) Student Visa, you will need to prove your knowledge of English by providing an IELTS.

      But you can be exempt from providing IELTS if you are an international student who:

      • Coming from inside the EU, EEA, or Switzerland which do not need a student visa to study in the UK.
      • Coming to the UK to learn English for less than 11 months.
      • Under 18-years old, coming to the UK on a Tier 4 Child Student Visa.
      • Studied for at least 6 months in the UK in the past 2 years.
      • Coming from an English-speaking country outside the EU.
    2. You need to write ielts for sure and then apply for the uni if u get admission in any uni. then u can be applying for visa . There’s no way to study without a student visa in a foreign country.

  2. I completed my 10th in a cbse school in delhi . And I want to study in UK. I’ve written ielts too , I want to know if I should go to a sixthform or a foundation year.

    1. Hi Nandida, by taking a university foundation year, you need to study just 1 year before entering university. The choice of universities is limited, but your university place is guaranteed as long as you passed the foundation year.

      By taking the sixth form, you will need to study about 2 years before you are eligible to enter university. You will have more choice of universities, but it will be quite competitive for the university’s place.


    My brother is interested in studying after 10th. Currently, He is in 10th class, will soon give his boards exam.
    I would like to ask what are the procedure to apply in a university; like is there a certain period of a month to fill the form or apply. I’m quite a newbie into this, need proper guidance.
    Appreciate your assistance.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. For students applying to universities after 10th, they will need to take a year of foundation course before they enter university.
      The foundation course usually starts in September (majority) and January, students should prepare the application of admissions at least 3-4 month before the course start.

  4. I have completed my 10 Board Exams …now I’m pursuing my 11th class with science stream Pcm with Bio …I’m opting to go abroad for my higher educations…
    I want to go for MBBS …with govt. scholarships…please inform me about this concern…

    Thank you❤

    1. Hi Sonal,

      In general, government scholarship for international students taking MBBS is very limited. Most of them have very strict eligibility criteria and only for postgraduate level and above.

    1. Hi Swara,

      Yes, Indian student with 11th qualification is able to enrol to UK institutions for pre-university (foundation) program. This pre-university (foundation) program is equivalent to a year 12 qualification and the program duration is about 8-10 months.

  5. Devika Zadafiya

    My son is studying in 10th CBSC in India. He wants to study after 10th in UK and then after MBBS in UK. Can you tell me the procedure, minimum requirement and cost of school fees as well as MBBS college fees. per year ? Also tell about boarding & lodging cost per year up competing his MBBS.

    1. Hi Devika,
      The minimum academic entry requirement to a program leading to a Bachelor of Medicine in the UK is Completion of Year 11 with a minimum 65% (for CBSE Qualification). The study pathway will be like:
      11th (in India) => 1 year Foundation Program (in the UK) => 5 years Bachelor of Medicine (in the UK)
      Tuition Fees:
      Foundation Program: £18,000 – £19,000 (per year)
      Bachelor of Medicine: £33,000 – £35,000 (per year, *the tuition fees for medicine related programs usually higher than other programs)
      Living Cost (including accommodation):
      London Areas: £1,334 * 12months = £16,008 (per year)
      Outside of London Areas: £1,023 * 12months = £12,276 (per year)

      1. I have completed my 10th from cbse board in 2020 I want to pursue further studies in Birmingham city university pls tell me the procedure and help me in this

  6. Hi,I have completed my 10th grade now I want to study in university e in the UK what are the procedures to get into a University in the UK can you be more specific how to get into a University in the UK after 10th or can you tell me the fastest way to get into a University in the UK

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